It’s CCCCCCCCChristmas!!! (said in Noddy Holder stylee) at Wotmalike HQ

Let it snow let it snow let it snow (or sner even).

We’ve been really busy with our elves (our staff) on a huge production drive getting all the stock ready and in the warehouse for Christmas 2015!  We’ve got some lovely new gift ideas for Christmas this year which will be upon us before we know it.  So no sunbathing for us – we’ve been wearing boots and scarves and gloves to get in the mood.  *Drinking mulled wine and singing to Cliff Richard
*one bit of that is not true

We’ve also had the photo shoot for our new brand Charlton Hall Designs – it was an amazing day on location at a fabulous riding school in the sunshine with our team of amazingly talent photographers AND a visit from a features writer from a big national glossy magazine – can’t wait to see the article which is going to be all about innovative leading design and illustration skills (no text manipulation here or copying – we lead we dont follow).   Here’s a photo of one of the stars in the photo shoot – the gorgeous foal called Banksy!!

Charlton Hall Designs Equestrian Cards and Gifts by Wotmalike

We have taken on a new member of staff too – Abi has joined us as Jo’s assistant – she is amazing in every way and don’t know what we did without her already!

Phew! more news as it happens………  shuffles papers looks into camera – goodnight


New wotmalike website!

Mam Cards & Gifts

Great Geordie Gifts by Wotmalike Mam and Mammy Cards and Gifts for Mams all over the UK

Ooooh we’ve got a fab new website now its all singing and dancing and is much easier to use.  All the brands are now on this site (GeordieMugs, Scouse Stuff, North Divide, Canny Good, Calm Doon, Wot Fettle and the New MAM CARDS & GIFTS!!
Here are some of the new things on the site…… Mam Cards & Gifts
also Scouse Mar Cards for Mother’s Day and finally a snippet of the new Yorkshire Yorkshire range which is going out to stores who have pre-ordered at the end of this month!

Mam Cards & Gifts
Scouse Mar Card Scouser Mar Card

Scouse Mar Mother’s Day Card

Yorkshire Yorkshire

Yorkshire Yorkshire, Cards and Gifts for Yorkshire, Dialect Based Cards and Gifts For Yorkshire