Scouse Stuff Button Badges

Dead happy to say our new Scouse Button badges are going on sale on Monday!  Here’s a quick look at them. They are fab bright and vibrant. We are so pleased to add yet another Scouse product. We launched Scouse Stuff in January 2012 and it has gone from strength to strength. Our products Scouse Cards, Scouse Mugs, Scouse Tea Towels and more are in some amazing shops including the Tate Modern at Albert Dock!  Can’t wait for these to hit the shops too!

Scouse Stuff Button Badges

Scouse Stuff Button Badges


New Calm Doon Range goes live!!

Calm Doon Mugs

Calm Doon Mugs, Calm Doon Tea Towels, Calm Doon Cards, Calm Doon Oven Gloves

I’m dead pleased to say my new Calm Doon range is now live on our websites and www, .  This has been around 5 months of work getting the colours spot on and working with some fabulous UK manufacturers to assist in creating jobs and employment in the UK and creating quality products.  I am VERY proud of the results and think this range is totally lush and will look LUSH in any interior.  There is still more of this range to come so watch this space.